Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by blood glucose increase.  As a consequence of pancreas diminish in insulin production associated to a resistance to insulin effects’ on peripheral tissue, mainly the muscles, liver and fat or adipose tissue.  No a day we know that there are other organs that regulate glucose metabolism, also important as the brain, bowel, gastric emptying and kidneys.

Chronic glycaemia elevation will trigger diabetes chronic complication as cardiovascular disease, chronic renal insufficiency, blindness, inferior limbs amputation, cerebral infarction, Alzheimer disease and longevity shorting.

95% of diabetes type 2, whose characteristics are the ones already mention above. The greatest transcendence of this disease is the incidence.   Almost 10% of adult Panamanian population has diabetes.  And almost half do not know.  It is formidable with obesity and common are so that we are taking about their incidence as an epidemic and almost a tsunami.

The main diabetes cause is in weight increase that the population is having in general.  And this weight increase is a consequence of food increase ingestion mainly junk food, full of sugar and fat, accompanied by a sedentary life type consequence of modern life, job, transportation, technology,  etc. vicissitudes .

What we know is that a 100 years ago, a normal individual ingested 5 to 10 pounds of sugar a year.  Today statistical studies talk about a sugar ingestion of around 150lbs.  ¿How do we eat that amount of sugar?  Mainly when we eat processed food, the sugar type that is utilized in fructose whose metabolism follows lipids direction or fat generation; rather than give us energy as glucose, sucrose or other sugars. Also our fat ingestion had increase mainly in America and Europe.  The portions of food that are sold especially in the fast food trade had increase with the time and with less additional money portions are enlarged.

So if we want to prevent emerges of diabetes we have to modify certain habits in our life style.  The most important are physical activity, feeding and stress control.

There are lots of studies with thousands of individuals of different geographic places, United States, Europe, China and Japan, had demonstrated that walk 30 minutes, 5 times per week, reduces the amount of patients with diabetes pre-disposition 50%.

Exaggerated food ingestion that causes diabetes must be prevented.  Preventive eating habits must be implemented.  The first principle is to reduce the amount we eat.  The caloric ingestion diminish as well as to prevent diabetes prolong the life.  To eat a lot acts as an epidemic factor that alters the genes, age them and favor rheumatic, cardiovascular, cancer and neurological diseases appearance.

And which food should we eat?  As more natural, is better.  Talks about vegetables and fruits as the principals.  Avoid as maximum food with sugar, sweets, cookies, corn flakes, processed food.

When eating proteins or meat, let them be learn meat, with little fat.

Grains, minestra, starch with lots of fiber such as casaba, yam, and taro.

Bread, pasta and white rice should be eaten with moderation.

Packages beverages contains lots of preservatives and chemicals that the body does not process well, induce to fat formation.  And a lot are sweetened with fructose.

Articles elaborated by Hildebrando Luna, M.D.

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