Medical Services

Patients Accommodations

Clinica Hospital San Fernando offers semi-private rooms, private rooms and suites, that has been designed to satisfy health care requirements as well as its lodging and comfort needs.

Room assignment is subject to availability of them at the moment o of admission to our hospital.


Maternity Ward

The maternity section has been carefully designed and equipped to offer care with the highest quality standards, at the same time warranty a comfortable hospitalization.

We are filling with joy to share with you the beautiful experience to be parents, and we will be happy for been...

Operating room san fernando clinic hospital Panama

Welcoming the WHO slogan “Safe Surgery Saves Life’s”


Our declared operating room mission is “Offer our patients an Operating Room that can fulfill the best health standards in all the surgeries and procedures, making sure that this are done with the greatest possible...

Admitting Office

At Clinica Hospital San Fernando, individualized and personal care constitute the main priority, for that reason to each patient a Customer Service agent is assigned, at the moment of its admission.  Each representative responsibility is to satisfy customer concern in the most professional and...

Hospital Visiting Hours

Information for your visits:

  • Children under 12 year’s visits are prohibited.
  • If you are hospitalized, a family member or friend can accompany you during the night, for your comfort.  Only one companion is allowed per patient.
  • It is strictly prohibited that a...
Spiritual Care

We have a small but very cozy chapel located on the second level of the main building, which is permanent open 24 hours, 365 days a year, it can be used without distinction of creed.


Mases schedule: all Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m

Instructions for the Patient

On behalf of all hospital employees, we thank you for choosing us to provide hospital care for it is a privilege to serve you.

Our goal is to assist in the process of admission and during hospital stay.

Medical records

Clinica Hospital San Fernando Clinical Archive Department, manages all documents that are originated from our patients hospital stay.

All the information is prepared as the chart arrives at the Clinical Archives department in where it is electronically organized and filed.  Such...