Who We Are


Clínica Hospital San Fernando was founded in 1949 to offer the community first quality hospital services, at the same time give Panamanian physicians the opportunity to exercise practice in a modern and safe environment in which the only entrance requirements were their suitability and probity.

Sixty years later this is still our north.  Such as this have been recognized by  three medical doctors generations, health care providers and patients that get at Clinica Hospital San Fernando the technology, professionalism, comfort and kindness that join to create wellness. 

Gerente general y vicepresidente ejecutivo de San Fernando

Elisa Lewis

General Manager and Executive Vice President


Dr. José Manuel Terán, M.D. 

Medical Director 

Jorge Martin, M.D.

Deputy Director



“Offer health services in a personal and integral way in which the users and medical doctors find excellent technology, quality and health care safety.  We are committed with our personnel wellness and create a superior value for our shareholders. “


“Be the best private Hospital in Panama internationally certificate and recognized for its efficient care, clinical excellence and an integral services offer that surpass patients, medical doctors and users  expectations.”

Organizational Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Priority for Life and Individual Function
  • No Discrimination
  • Updated Medical Care Standards
  • Compromise and Identification 

Historical Overview

Clinica Hospital San Fernando (CHSF) is the first private hospital in the Republic of Panama founded in 1949, offers the community first quality hospital services.

With more than 66 years of experience leads hospital assistance through its medical doctors, health care providers and patients who finds in CHSF the professionalism, technology, comfort, confidence and required service for its wellness.

CHSF has in its surroundings three outpatients’ buildings in which give clinical services, with more than 600 professionals in different medical specialties.    Its four hospital wards, Intensive care unit ward, surgical preparing room, five operating rooms, anesthesia recuperation room, Emergency Rooms Adults as well as Children, only private in the country, specialized clinical laboratory, Blood Bank, noninvasive Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center, Nuclear Medicine Department, 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (MRI) 64 slices Computed Tomography, Hemodynamics suite, 4D Ultrasounds, Conventional Radiology, Osseous Densitometry, Intra hospital pharmacy equipped with  sterile intravenous  medications preparation and Unidose system.  This diversity warranties the availability, permanent experience exchange, and knowledge to always provide quality health care and excellent health services.

CHSF, in 2011, obtains the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation (filial of Joint Commission), and the re-accreditation in 2014, been the first Panamanian Hospital Institution obtaining it, placing it among the best region hospitals and certifying that its services accomplish with the highest international quality standards .