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Generation after generation, Clínica Hospital San Fernando has witnessed countless life stories, caring for families like yours for 75 years. 🏥💙 In every birth, in every worry and in every triumph, we have been by your side, providing medical care with the warmth and tradition that characterizes us. In this celebration...


As part of the activities of our Cerebral Infarction Program, on February 1 we carried out training on the Clinical Fundamentals of the Patient with a Stroke Diagnosis aimed at our Specialist Doctors and Emergency Room Doctors. This educational day was led by Dr. Constantino Taquis, a specialist in Neurology with...


It is an honor for us to announce that the Faculty of Medicine has instituted the Dr. Jaime de la Guardia Silva award for the best student. This tribute recognizes the commitment to academic excellence. The presentation of this award was made by Dr. Diego de la Guardia, president of the Board of Directors of Clínica Hospital...


In gratitude for their outstanding work and commitment to our hospital, we honor a group of specialist doctors. On this occasion we had the presence of the President of the Board of Directors, Dr. Diego de la Guardia; President of the Quality, Safety and Medical Talent Committee of the Board of Directors, Dr. Jorge Orillac and...