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Cerebral infarction is a cerebrovascular event caused by a process of ischemia, during which part of the brain mass dies due to a lasting lack of blood supply.
Our hospital has a Comprehensive Center certified in 2021 by the International Joint Commission for the management of Cerebral Infarctions and their possible neurological compromises. We are specialists in this matter and we make up a team of professionals dedicated to guaranteeing you the comprehensive care you deserve.


  • Timely diagnosis “Every Minute counts for the patient's recovery”
  • Appropriate treatment instituted as soon as possible
  • Integrated recovery and rehabilitation plan
  • Raise professional quality
  • Education for collaborators and community
  • Monitoring and education of patients and families to reduce the risk of new cerebrovascular events


The cerebral infarction program at Clínica Hospital San Fernando seeks to promote to our users a continuous, rapid service with high quality standards and in this way optimize the neurological functions of our patients.


To be the best Hospital in Panama with a Cerebral Infarction Center, accredited by the Joint Commission International where quality, speed and teamwork are integrated to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of our patients, doctors and families. Providing an offer of updated neurological services that transcends both nationally and internationally.


The doctor looks at the brain hologram, checks the test result on the virtual interface, and analyzes the data. Alzheimer's disease, brain dementia, innovative technologies, medicine of the future