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Good Deeds Day

April 22, 2024

In commemoration of our 75 years of kindness and good deeds, yesterday, April 14, we celebrated Good Deeds Day, being part of this movement that is carried out around the world, thanks to our group of 95 volunteers and 161 hours of volunteering, we managed to execute 4 projects.

🔹 Photo #1 and 2: Donation from the friends and volunteers association of the National Cancer Institute, led by the laboratory team. Supported by the departments of: collections, human resources, financial planning, blood bank, medical specialists, management and CSR, customer service and marketing.
🔹 Photo #3: Donation to a family member of the billing team, led by the cashier team. Supported by the departments of: billing, accounting, finance and general management.
🔹 Photo #4 and 5: Project sowing smiles, led by the human resources team. Manuel is a young man diagnosed with a rare disease called tuberous sclerosis, the son of one of our colleagues in the cleaning department.
🔹 Photo #6 and 7: Donation to a patient at the Aquilino Tejeira Hospital, by Clínica San Fernando Coronado.
🔹 Photo #8 and 9: Donation to a low-income family by Clínica San Fernando Coronado.

San Fernando Hospital Clinic is proud to have a group of volunteers who provide love beyond measure and are 100% committed to meeting the sustainable development goals in our country.