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Doctor's Day

May 22, 2024

Yesterday we celebrated Doctor's Day 🩺 we entertained our heroes with a delicious lunch in recognition of their dedication and commitment to the health of our community. As is the tradition of the San Fernando Family, the menu included the traditional tripe, which all our guests were able to enjoy in a pleasant...

Part of our commitment to our patients is to be able to accompany them during the most difficult challenges. We thank Mrs. Valerie and her family for allowing us to care for them and help them successfully overcome one of the toughest tests they have ever had. Seeing baby Santiago as a happy and healthy child is without a doubt...

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On April 19, Clínica Hospital San Fernando celebrated its 75th anniversary, full of pride in the history it has built together with its patients and collaborators. On this memorable day, they offered a commemorative mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, thanking them for 75 years of uninterrupted service to the community. As a gesture...


Good Deeds Day

April 22, 2024

In commemoration of our 75 years of kindness and good deeds, yesterday, April 14, we celebrated Good Deeds Day, being part of this movement that is carried out around the world, thanks to our group of 95 volunteers and 161 hours of volunteering, we managed to execute 4 projects. 🔹...


San Fernando Hospital Clinic for several years has agreed on different agreements with both private and state universities, with the purpose of strengthening ties, especially academic or teaching, which allow us to rotate students of medicine, nursing, radiology technicians, biomedical engineering , nursing and surgical instrumentation technicians, among others. In this...

Generation after generation, Clínica Hospital San Fernando has witnessed countless life stories, caring for families like yours for 75 years. 🏥💙 In every birth, in every worry and in every triumph, we have been by your side, providing medical care with the warmth and tradition that characterizes us. In this celebration...


As part of the activities of our Cerebral Infarction Program, on February 1 we carried out training on the Clinical Fundamentals of the Patient with a Stroke Diagnosis aimed at our Specialist Doctors and Emergency Room Doctors. This educational day was led by Dr. Constantino Taquis, a specialist in Neurology with...