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I am a new mom, how should I prepare?

August 20, 20230

If you are a new mother, you will surely have many doubts about how you should prepare for the big moment of your baby's arrival. In this post, we will give you some tips that you should keep in mind for this wonderful moment when you will have your baby.

For everything in life there is a first time, and this premise is no exception. Surely, Super Mom, you are asking yourself multiple questions because it is something totally new for you, but the interesting thing is that this process will be part of a world of wonderful learning. How do I prepare before childbirth?

Medical control. During the 9 months of your pregnancy, the obstetrician specialist will be your friend and ally, who will guide you through all the stages of pregnancy so that you can reach delivery normally. You must follow all the instructions that the doctor gives you, for example: follow a balanced diet, take the vitamins he suggests, and do some daily exercise or walk that will be beneficial for the baby. Your doctor will explain to you the physical and emotional changes that you will experience at different stages of pregnancy. Due to all the hormonal changes, you will probably find yourself more sensitive and with some cravings. You just have to follow each of the medical guidelines so that you reach a happy term at the time of delivery.

Doctor examines pregnant woman

Balanced diet. It is important, Super Mom, that you eat foods that are nutritious for the baby. This involves all types of proteins (lean meats, chicken, egg whites, peanut butter, etc.), carbohydrates (bread, cereals, rice, potatoes, pasta, fruits and vegetables), and foods that are sources of vitamins: A , B, C and D and calcium and iron intake. Avoid eating many seafood foods, as fish has high mercury content and can be counterproductive for your baby. Surely the doctor, within your diet, will tell you the importance of ingesting folic acid. This is a supplement that helps prevent neural tube defects (including spina bifida) from occurring during the early stages of fetal development and during first weeks of pregnancy.

Baby room and care kit. During the months of pregnancy, it is important that you set up a safe room, with all the furniture your baby will need: crib, bottle, diaper changing table, clothes storage unit, etc. You should also have hygiene and personal care products on hand such as: wet wipes, diapers, soap with a neutral pH, sponges or a baby brush, which are ideal for cleaning the baby.

First-time mom looks at her baby's ultrasounds

You can buy baby clothes, which we recommend are preferably made of cotton, since this is a comfortable fabric and with it there will be less risk of allergies. Super Mom, we suggest that you buy the basics, since babies grow quickly and will soon grow out of their initial newborn sizes.

Prepare yourself positively. During the time of pregnancy, you must prepare yourself psychologically for the day of delivery. We know that, as a new mother, it can be scary, but it is important that you know that your body is designed perfectly for that moment and that you should only trust the medical staff who will care for you, who know their job and know how to care for the birth.

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Avoid strong emotions during pregnancy, such as upsets or tantrums. It is vital that you have tranquility and peace. You can do as always everything you like: read a good book, dance, walk, jog, go to the movies, etc., as long as you do not have a high-risk pregnancy diagnosed by the doctor. 

Mother with her newborn baby

What should I do after giving birth? With your baby at home, you will have to be attentive in the first days to certain key care and adapt to the dynamics of your treasure's sleeping hours.

Umbilical cord. When you have the baby at home, you will have to heal the umbilical cord, it is very simple. You only need to apply alcohol with a gauze to maintain its hygiene. The body itself will end up discarding what remains of the cord between the eighth and tenth day of birth.

Breastfeeding. This is the way you will feed your baby. During pregnancy, your breasts have been conditioned to store milk to feed your baby. This is the best way to feed the baby, at least during the first year of life.

Infant colic. Super mom, with the first feedings of breast milk, it is very likely that babies will have colic. To avoid them as much as possible, you should expel the baby's gas after eating. We do this by placing the baby on your shoulders and patting them on the back so they can expel the gases.

How the baby should sleep. The first few days, babies usually sleep quite still, but over time, they can become more mobile while sleeping. Pediatricians recommend that the baby should sleep on his back or side. The baby should be prevented from sleeping face down. In order to avoid allergies, it is better to avoid the use of stuffed animals in the crib, and we advise you, Super Mom, to take advantage of the time that the baby sleeps so that you can sleep too.

Visit to the Pediatrician. You should make your first visit to the pediatrician in the first week of life. Then, progressively the doctor will tell you all the special vaccination regimen that you must have to maintain adequate health control.

Love and patience Super Mom, take everything step by step, one day at a time and everything will turn out very well. Super Mom, what did you think of this article? are you a first time mom? Share with us how you feel. we read you

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